Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pieces of the MOON!

Okay, this is just so cool...

I just got some Lunar Meteorite pieces from one of my ancient artifacts sources, and have them for sale. Real pieces of the MOON!

I had heard about this but had never seen a piece before. It's not legal to own any of the moon rocks from the Apollo missions back in the sixties. However, sometimes when larger meteors have hit the moon, some of the lunar surface has been blown into space because the moon has such a low gravity. Some of that material eventually hit the earth as meteorites!

About six pounds of lunar meteorite material have been found around the world and identified by experts. This is pretty much the rarest stuff on the planet... gold and jewels have nothing on this material, lol!

These small pieces of metorite are in a nice display holder. I got a few of these; each holder has a different picture from the Apollo missions on the front, and information about the identified and certified lunar meteorite the piece came from on the back.

I'm able to offer these for $25 each.  This really IS the gift for the person who has everything. Or, if you've ever promised someone the Moon... now you can actually pay up!   ;)

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